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About the Artist

From the Artist

I have always loved being creative. I can never recall when I didn't love the challenge of transforming an empty canvas into a work of art. Through years of experience as a fine artist and illustrator, I have had to meet the creative demands of visualizing use of space, planning, sketching and skillfully rendering the subject(s) in all types of medium from watercolor and acrylics to the extensive study and use of oil glazing and classical painting techniques. No matter what style of masterpiece, whether contemporary or classical, whimsical or romantic, from realism to decorative flourishes, I have been blessed with an ability to be versatile in style and technique. For over 15 years now I have applied these skills to murals, trompe l'oeil and decorative painting where walls, rooms and ceilings are changed into masterpieces. In addition, I have had the privilege of being trained in one of the finest Faux Finishing schools in the world and can create beautiful finishes including marble, Old World finishes, plasters and glazing techniques.

I would be honored to turn your empty space into my canvas and your work of art.

About Caffy

Caffy is a native Texan who, even as a child, merited high awards in art shows and fairs. She always set her focus on becoming an accomplished artist. During high school, she used her art talent to win multiple art awards, paint murals, design homecoming floats and paint backdrops for plays. She majored in Fine Art in college and went on to express her skills as Visual Presentation Manager for the exclusive Sanger Harris Department Store in Dallas, Texas. Later, after moving to the Chicago area, she received a degree in Commercial Art and Illustration at The College of DuPage where she also became an Instructor of Illustration and Design. She went on to a successful career as a Free Lance Illustrator and Fine Artist in the Chicago area. She has also studied the art of Portrait Painting under the renowned portrait artist, Daniel Greene.

Her husband's work took them to Kansas City where she continued her Fine Art Painting and Illustration from her studio. It was in Kansas City where a whole new venue opened up for her talent. She added to her business the larger scale art of Mural and Decorative Painting and Faux Finishing. She increased her art work and business there for 10 years. She is now enthusiastically establishing herself as a reputable Muralist and Decorative Artisan in Louisville, Kentucky and beyond from her large studio in a quiet rural area. Her vast studio space provides her with an area to create large Tapestry Murals and portable Canvas Murals. She has also received training and is certified as a Decorative Artisan from the Faux Finishing School in Louisville.

She and her husband, Don, and daughter, Laurelen, love their Kentucky home on their beautiful acreage the country.

Personal Work Ethic

Caffy Whitney is an artist who carries with her not only amazing talent, as you can see from her portfolio and online gallery, but also a steadfast, diligent and dependable character.

Talent and skill are essential when choosing an artist. An excellent work of art can stand on its own, pleasing the viewer apart from the one who created it. However, it is also vital to know in the practical working situation of mural and decorative painting that the individual performing the artwork is reliable, cordial, considerate of your property, trustworthy and neat. After all, they are working for you and with you for an extended time.