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  • Museum Mural- The Temple 2

    Murals and Trompe l'oeil

    With over 15 years of experience as a muralist, Caffy has produced commercial and residential murals in a vast range of styles, themes, historical periods and mediums. Caffy has studied and reproduced the techniques and art of the Renaissance Masters to the French Impressionists to Modern and Whimsical Fantasy. She will also create any original artwork for a client. In this gallery portfolio you will see examples of many mural styles and subjects for any room or ceiling.

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  • Metallic Faux

    Faux Finishes

    Using the finest professional techniques, any wall surface, furniture piece, ceiling or floor can be transformed into an exquisite masterpiece. Caffy will be glad to show an array of beautiful finishes from her portfolio, including old world finishes, fresco and textured plasters, venetian plasters, glazes, marbeling, tissue texturing, raised imprints, hand-painted stenciling and many more!

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  • Decorative Old World Ceiling Motif

    Decorative Painting

    Decorative Painting has graced ceilings, walls, furniture, cabinets and trims for centuries. All of Caffy's work is masterfully hand-painted using any color combination, including beautiful metallics. In this gallery are examples of ceiling motifs and decorative flourishes.

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  •  Old English"The Hunter" Mural Tapestry

    Mural Tapestries, Canvases, and Screens

    Custom-painted old world tapestries offer design and color flexibility for any decor. They are portable, durable and easily moved from room to room. The painted mural tapestries are hung loosely on decorative rods. They are painted on heavy linen canvas with nicely finished edges. They can be rolled up for safe moving or shipping. Available in any size.

    Another portable mural selection is the Canvas Mural. These can be single canvas murals or a series of subjects or panoramic murals in any size. The lovely advantage is that these are totally portable and easily hung on any wall or surface.

    Painted folding screens are also available at your request. Folding screens can be painted decoratively or can be a painting of any subject(s) or landscape. They make a wonderful piece for room decoration, a classy room divider, or even an exquisite backdrop piece.

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  • The Woman at the Well- watercolor painting


    This gallery contains illustrations from a sampling of the many book and magazine covers and interior book illustrations that Caffy has illustrated. Any subject, style or medium can be used to produce the perfect illustration needed for any publication.

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  • Jonathan Edwards

    Paintings and Portraits

    Caffy has been painting commisioned paintings and portraits for years. She uses a variety of mediums and styles, including oils, watercolor, pencil and pastel. Caffy can reproduced paintings from personal photographs or create them from her own original sketches and research.

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