Caffy Whitney



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Experience and Versatility in Art Style

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"Caffy has the unique ability to create drawings and paintings in multiple mediums and styles,  countless subjects on multiple surfaces. "



As long as I can remember drawing and painting has been my passion. In elementary school I constantly loved to illustrate book reports and create artwork in art classes. My mother recognized my talent and at the age of ten I began to compete in Art Competitions locally and nationally. I was privately instructed during those years as I developed as a young artist.

On into my High School Years my artistic pursuit never ceased. I was awarded "Most Talented" my senior year and won many competitions.

I continued as a Fine Arts major in college and moved from a general Fine Arts degree to an Associates degree in Commercial Art and Illustration. After completing my training I also was asked to instruct at the College level in Illustration and Design at The College of Du Page near Chicago.

 I continued as a freelance Illustrator for many publishers in the Chicago area. I became a mom of a beautiful daughter and after 15 years in Chicago moved to Kansas City, Missouri with my husband, Don Whitney. 

In Kansas City mural painting was on the rise in Interior Design. I began a private business as a successful Muralist. My clients included both residential and commercial venues. You may see examples of some of those murals in my gallery.

We then moved to beautiful Louisville, Kentucky where I continued to build a new Mural business. As the economic climate changed I made the decision to teach again. I taught Art and Art History in a private Classical Academy and eventually began instructing privately in my studio. That teaching evolved into The Whitney School of Art where many of my students have competed in The Scholastic Art Competition and won Regional Gold and National Gold. I am one of the only private instructors competing with both private and public schools.

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Today I pursue new challenges in commission pieces           and invest in the lives of young and adult artists.  

Standing proud with one of my 7th grade students after winning his first Scholastic Gold in Drawing/Colored Pencil       Louisville, KY

Standing proud with one of my 7th grade students after winning his first Scholastic Gold in Drawing/Colored Pencil       Louisville, KY


It all started when…

I began teaching art in private classical schools years ago. After serving in this teaching field I began to instruct privately. I decided that, along with doing my studio work, I would teach one on one in order to encourage and develop gifted students. I realized that one excellent teacher set me in place to excel in my artwork. I will never forget the value of her investment in my life as an artist. I was 10 years old. Now is the time to take what God has given me over the years and implant that encouragement and knowledge into student's lives.

My student's focus and passion for their art has been such a joy for me personally. Their success, love for their work and learning has been a blessing to me.

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I work primarily on a commission basis. I find that connecting with a client and listening to their vision for a piece translates into an artwork that will affect them for a lifetime. No matter what subject, medium or application, I can make their drawing, painting, portrait, mural or design come to life on a surface. I love the challenge of creating the masterwork they desire.

I have also had the opportunity to work in Interior Design decisions.                   You might even find that I've designed decor and flower arrangements for special events such as weddings and receptions! I love to extend creativity beyond the empty canvas. One person recently exclaimed, " Is there anything you can't do? "  Yes, I can't act at all. Don't ever ask me to be an actor.